HID Global launches IT channel program


ASSA Abloy Group company HID Global, in the US, has launched the IT Channel program, aimed at integrating their Crescendo smartcard, as well as other HID products, into partner companies' solution portfolios.

Leading enterprise identity management companies Avaleris, Imprivata and Passlogix have signed as new members of the program, joining Lenel Systems International as resellers of Crescendo.
Crescendo is a multi-technology smart card designed to act as an employee identification badge while providing out-of-the-box, standards-compliant support for thousands of logical access applications and physical access control systems.

The HID Global IT Channel Program centers around Crescendo. Crescendo’s functionality and support for both physical and logical access provides a growing list of enterprise application vendors the ability to offer their customers fully integrated and cost-effective building and data access solutions.

The three new, IT-oriented members in the program offer enterprise applications such as single sign-on, user provisioning, smartcard-based strong authentication, secure remote access (VPN), pre-boot authentication, data encryption and other key IT security-related applications.

Mark Scaparro, vice president of market strategy, Access and Identity, HID Global, says the company is strategically focused on enabling a wide range of fully integrated access solutions. "Our goal is to help leading solution providers integrate Crescendo and other HID products to allow customers to choose the solutions that best fit their needs," he says.

With Crescendo and HID IT Channel Program member solutions, a single card or corporate badge can be used by employees or other authorized personnel to:

  • gain access to a facility,
  • log in to a computer and secure enterprise applications without using passwords,
  • access encrypted hard drives, file folders and documents,
  • digitally sign electronic documents and support other certificate-based applications
  • utilize other contactless applications such as secure print release or cashless vending.