Hi-O warming up


ASSA ABLOY’s Hi-O solution has been installed at the Göteborg Opera, making it the first customer to use the Hi-O system.

The Göteborg Opera is the first customer of ASSA ABLOY to install a Hi-O door. Hi-O stands for Highly Intelligent Opening and is a new technology based on an established open standard for managing electromechanical door products. Detailed information about the status of the door is logged centrally. Ease of installation and the ability to link the entire door system to the building’s IP network ensures better security and simpler maintenance routines.

The Göteborg Opera is one of the most technically sophisticated opera houses and is proud of its technological lead.

“It’s important to tailor security to suit our operations. We employ around 500 people permanently and almost the same number work here temporarily on the various performances,” says Arne Sahlstedt, property manager at the Göteborg Opera.

The Hi-O door is installed behind reception and is used frequently. All events are logged and used as a basis for future servicing.

“We hope to be able to upgrade to more Hi-O doors in the future,” says Arne. “They make servicing easier and precisely identify any problems. With old systems you get an indication that something is wrong, but then you have to work out which of numerous components is the source of the problem.”

Arne is pleased with the way the partnership with ASSA ABLOY has worked out. The Hi-O installation was a continuation of the project to upgrade ASSA’s ARX security system. Hi-O is one of a total of 120 doors that are part of the ARX system

Arne Sahlstedt believes that it should be easy for employees to move around the building, and easy to manage user authorization at the same time.

“We came up with a special solution for the dressing-rooms, where the dressers and others have access cards, while the performers, who can’t carry cards, use a unique pin code,” he says.

“Everything went smoothly when we upgraded to ARX. We ran the old and new systems in parallel until the new one was fully installed. It only took a week or so to configure and distribute new cards for both systems. The performances and other daily activities went ahead without any disruptions. I’m hoping the switch to Hi-O will be equally straightforward,” says Arne.

Facts about the Göteborg Opera:

Length 160 m
Height 32 m
Floor area 28,700 sq. m
Stage 500 sq. m
Stage opening 20x9 m
Stage is lit by 1,000 spotlights

Facts about Hi-O

Hi-O (Highly Intelligent Opening) is a standardized new technology for security and control of doorway environments. Hi-O enables interconnectivity – communication capabilities between all the devices involved in a doorway solution (Opening). It gives customers higher security, future flexibility and lower total cost per door. All devices have a built in microcomputer and talk to each other over a local door network to enable plug-and-play installation, synchronize the door operation, monitor behaviour and send out diagnostic information.

Facts about ARX

ARX is an online system that can be connected to existing networks in a property and is based on industry standards. The system can be integrated with other systems, such as a Galaxy intruder alarm, graphical display system, photo ID and visitor recording system. ARX permits secure control of facilities that are geographically isolated.