Design hotel choose ASSA ABLOY


With Signature RFID, the latest product from VingCard for contact-less electronic locks, hotel guests can use their mobile phone to open the hotel room door in addition to other RFID carriers. The demand for the application is rising. At the newly opened high-end Clarion Hotel Sign, Stockholm’s largest hotel, guests will be able to use this application in the future.

A co-operation between VingCard and NXP (former Philips Semiconductor) has resulted in a technology enabling hotel guests to check-in to a hotel by using their mobile phones. A booking confirmation, room number and an encrypted room key is sent in an SMS to the guests before arriving at the hotel. There is no need for the guest to check-in at the front desk. Instead he/she can proceed directly to their room, where the guest opens the door simply by using his/her NFC-compatible mobile telephone as the hotel room key.

Several Choice hotels in Scandinavia are equipped with Signature RFID and are ready to implement the remote check-in/check-out application with NFC cell phones, from 2009 onwards. The SMS-check in will benefit hotel guests and raise the hotel experience to a new level.

"The hotel stay of the future will vastly differ from the hotel stay of today. We have chosen VingCard electronic locks because of the leading-edge technology of Signature RFID, the reliability, the outstanding service standards and the flexibility of the platform. One critical factor for making the decision was that Signature RFID lock is ready today for future applications," says Tom O. Svensen, Vice President Projects at Choice Hotels Scandinavia.

The SMS check-in is possible due to NFC (Near Field Communications), a technology for short-range wireless communications that combines the functionality of a reader and a card into one device. Main mobile network operators are confirming NFC phones mass deployment by 2009

"We are very pleased to have a large amount of hotels and hotel chains queering about Signature RFID. The mobile phone is one of the most personal things you can own today. Many people, especially business travellers, have their “whole life” in their phone. The possibility to check in and out of a hotel has great news value and is a concrete way for ASSA ABLOY to show the innovation level within the company," says Hilde M. Hesleskaug, VP Sales Nordic.