Card printer gains certification


Fargo high definition printer has made it to the short list of card printers certified by the U.S. General Services Administration.

HID Global’s Fargo HDP5000-LC High Definition Printer (HDP) has been formally certified as FIPS 201 compliant by the United States General Services Administration (GSA) and placed on the FIPS 201 Approved Products List.

FIPS 201 is a standard for identification and authentication systems that is used to permit access to Federal facilities and information systems. A sub-category of the FIPS 201 standard dictates the requirements for Card Printer Stations (CPS), which is the category under which the Fargo HDP5000-LC is now certified.

Without the FIPS 201 certification, a card printer station cannot be used by government agencies and other organizations to create FIPS 201-compliant identification credentials. At the time of this writing, the HDP5000-LC and the HDP600-LC, which was previously certified, are the only printers that have made it fully through the latest round of evaluations, which required all technical requirements of the card printer station to be documented and submitted to the GSA.

“In addition to being reliable and easy-to-use, the HDP5000-LC combines the world's most advanced security features in an affordable print solution,” said Isaac Young, professional services manager for HID Global. “It's an ideal solution for governmental agencies, as it offers the highest print quality for technology-based ID cards in concert with fully compatible components.”

The HDP5000-LC card printer, based on patented High Definition Printing technology, creates an image that looks more like a glossy photo than an ordinary ID badge. With a durable layer of HDP film fused to the surface, these cards resist wear and tear and are tamper-evident, because if someone tries to peel off the film the image destroys itself.

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