Aperio - Wireless opportunities for online door control


Aperio is a new technology developed to upgrade mechanical doors and wirelessly connect them to an existing electronic access control system, providing end-users with a simple, intelligent way to raise the security level of their premises at a lower cost than a traditional system. The first products to incorporate the Aperio technology will be presented at the SECURITY Essen fair, starting on 7 October 2008.

Aperio technology allows for security and IT managers to conveniently and cost effectively increase the number of doors that can be monitored. With this new technology, ASSA ABLOY demonstrates its market leadership in high tech, intelligent door solutions by bridging the gap between mechanical and electronic security solutions.

“A market research conducted via ASSA ABLOY FutureLab, showed that security and IT-managers around the world, ranked an efficient way to expand and upgrade their existing access control system as one of their most important needs. We responded with Aperio - a wireless technology that provides a cost-effective answer to our customers’ needs as well as a unique market opportunity for us and our channel partners”, says Åke Sund, Executive Vice President and Director of Market and Business Development ASSA ABLOY.

“Many premises already have an access control system for the most important doors and mechanical locks on the rest of the doors. With Aperio they can afford to connect these and gain an increased security level without having to change all access control cards”, Sund concludes. 

The typical customer is a security, IT or facility manager of a company with 500+ employees, struggling to improve the security level and controllability of the premises without having to invest a fortune or to exchange existing doors.

“ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions. Introducing the Aperio technology will further reinforce our market leadership in high tech, intelligent door solutions. With Aperio we are creating an opportunity to increase the market for intelligent doors by bridging the gap between mechanical and electronic security solutions,” says Johan Molin, CEO, ASSA ABLOY.

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