Video Tutorial

To open the video tutorial simply click here which will open a screen similar to the one below.


The tutorial includes a full outline of all Supplier Portal functionality which is more than you will need to process purchase orders from ASSA ABLOY. Therefore please use the navigation bar (on the left hand side) to select the sections which are most relevant to you. 

Below are the proposed sections you should review which will take approximately 35 minutes to complete.

General Overview

  • Sections 1-9, total time 15:00 min.

Registration (only completed once when a supplier first joins the Supplier Portal)

  • Section 11, total time 01:40 min.

Logging in and adding new user

  • Sections 12-13, total time 02:80 min.

Onboarding (completed once for every ASSA ABLOY company you supply)

  • Sections 19-20, total time 0:2:80 min

Working with purchase orders, shipments and invoices

  • Searching and viewing orders; Section 32, total time 01:40 min.
  • Creating acknowledgments; Section 33, total time 01:40 min.
  • Searching and viewing acknowledgments; Section 34, total time 01:40 min.
  • Creating shipments; Section 36, total time 01:40 min
  • Searching and viewing shipments, Section 37; total time 01:40 min.
  • Creating invoices, Section 39, total time 01:40 min.
  • Searching and viewing invoices, Section 40, total time 01:40 min.

 User Manuals

  • Click here for a Quick Reference guide on how to process ASSA ABLOY purchase orders using the Supplier Portal.
  • Click here for the full online user manual