Supplier Portal Introduction

The Supplier Portal is available through the internet and can be used to process ASSA ABLOY's purchase orders online. Through the Supplier Portal the supplier can receive purchase orders, send acknowledgments, dispatch advice and invoices.


  • No integration or IT development required.
  • No cost to the supplier.
  • Simple to start. Completing the registration and onboarding process usually takes 10-15 minutes.
  • Joining the Supplier Portal increases your visibility within ASSA ABLOY and increases your potential to supply more Group companies.
  • All ASSA ABLOY purchase orders will be visible in the one tool and in one consistent format.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • The Supplier Portal is pre-populated with purchase order information. All you need to do is enter in any changes.
  • Easy dashboard and traffic light system to view and understand the current status of orders.
  • Languages: English and European languages are available. Asian languages to come shortly.
  • A notification email will be sent to you for every new purchase order sent by ASSA ABLOY.

Which suppliers should use the Supplier Portal?

  • Suppliers with low to medium number of order lines per month with ASSA ABLOY should choose the Supplier Portal. Typically suppliers with less than 100 purchase order lines per month should use this solution.
  • Suppliers that do not have an ERP, limited e-commerce experience or with limited IT resources or skills should choose the Supplier Portal.

Next Steps:

Process Flow:

The below diagram outlines the purchase order to invoice process flow.

  • PO = Purchase Order.
  • ACK = Purchase order acknowledgment or confirmation.
  • ASN = Advanced shipping notice, dispatch information or shipping notice.
  • INV = Invoice.

Not all documents are mandatory. For example if you agree with ASSA ABLOY to only received the purchase order and send the order acknowledgement then the Supplier Portal can be setup to only require those two steps.

Supplier Portal home screen:

If you have any questions please contact your local ASSA ABLOY representative.