Welcome to ASSA ABLOY's e-Commerce Information Site!

In the first phase of this initiative ASSA ABLOY is focusing on automating the purchase order to invoice process. As seen below the aim is to automate the entire process for both the customer and supplier.

Once a purchase order is created the information should never be reentered. Changes are obviously permitted but by minimizing the amount of manual administration involved both customer and supplier save money and time which can be used for higher value activities.

  • PO = Purchase Order.
  • ACK = Purchase order acknowledgment or order confirmation.
  • ASN = Advanced shipping notice, dispatch information or shipping notice.
  • INV = Invoice.

In many cases a phased approach needs to be taken as it is not possible to automate the entire process straight away. Therefore each e-commerce tool can be configured to fit your business and the trading relationship you have with ASSA ABLOY.

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