Add New Supplier Portal User

Adding more users may be beneficial if it matches the way your business operates.  For example if there are multiple people that process orders or you could create general accounts, e.g. customer service, logistics, finance etc

Outlined below are the steps to add a new user:

  1. Log into the Supplier Portal ( using your email address and password.
  2. Click Edit Company near the top, right of the screen. 
  3. To create a new user, click add user at the bottom of the Company Details page to display the Add User page.
  4. Enter information for the user, and click Save to create the account. You can now define the application access for this user.
  5. Select the Application Access tab at the top of the User Details page.
  6. Click Add Application.
  7. From the Application drop-down list, select IBM Sterling Supplier Portal and
    click Next.
  8. From the status field, select Active.
  9. After you have finished, select Save to update the user's account information.

To view a video tutorial of the process please click here and refer to section 13.

Frequently asked questions:

Question How do I know who is the Company Administrator?

When an invitation is sent to a supplier it is sent to only one e-mail address. If you receive
and accept this invitation, you are the Company Administrator user for your company. Alternatively you can email and ask who the company administrator is.

If you have problems please contact or your local ASSA ABLOY representative.