Help and Frequently Asked Questions

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Login Question When I log in I see Sterling Customer Center and not Supplier Portal?.
  Answer Click on IBM Sterling Supplier Portal from the left hand menu under Cloud Solutions.
General Question What if I need help?
  Answer Please email
  Question Can I use the Supplier Portal with companies other than ASSA ABLOY?
  Answer No, you can only use it with ASSA ABLOY companies
  Question Is the Supplier Portal developed by ASSA ABLOY?
  Answer No, it is an IBM product that ASSA ABLOY has licenced to use.
  Question Does it cost the supplier to use the Supplier Portal?
  Answer No, this is a free service ASSA ABLOY is providing to its suppliers
  Question Can I use any browser to access the Supplier Portal?
No, you can only use; Internet Explorer versions 7.0 and 8.0, Mozilla Firefox version 3.6 and above. Not Chrome.
Note: The IBM® Sterling Customer Center login screen also supports Google Chrome 5. However, after logging in you would not be able to work with the Supplier Portal.
Languages Question Is the Supplier Portal available in languages other than English?
  Answer Yes, it is available in most European languages as well.
  Question How do I change languages?
  Answer Please click here for instructions.
Onboarding Question In the Supplier Information Template what do you mean by "Company Administrator"?
  Answer Company administrator is the person that must register your company and complete onboarding. This person can also add more users to the Supplier Portal.
  Question My company name includes non-English characters (e.g. ä,å,ö etc), is that a problem?
  Answer Yes, when you complete the registration and onboarding process only use English characters
  Question My company name is very long, is that problem?
  Answer Company name must be less than 50 characters long.
Add Users Question How do I add users?
  Answer You need to complete the registration and onboarding process first. Then the Company Administrator can add users by following these steps
Purchase Order Question Is the supplier notified when a new purchase order is sent from ASSA ABLOY?
  Answer Yes, all Supplier Portal users for the supplier will receive a notification email of a new purchase order.
  Question The supplier did not receive the notification email?
  Answer Check if the users that did not receive the email have been added to the Supplier Portal. If not add them by following these steps.
  Question Can the supplier print the purchase order?

Yes, you can use the many print icons to print the order or use the print option found in your browser. Note: When you click print a yellow pop up bar on top of the page might appear which blocks downloading the PO. Click on the bar to allow download, click on retry when prompted, click again on print.