A good start to the year

"The year took off with good organic growth of 4% in the first quarter, despite the negative calendar effect of two trading days less due to an early Easter," says Nico Delvaux, President and CEO.

"We achieved strong or good growth in all divisions. Global Technologies and Entrance Systems reported strong organic growth of 6% and 5% respectively. EMEA and Americas reported 3% organic growth and Asia Pacific reported 4%. Our new products contributed strongly, with high demand for electromechanical locks and for access control solutions."

Key figures

Net sales increased by 2% to SEK 18,550 M (18,142), with organic growth of 4% (6) and acquired net growth of 2% (3)

Strong growth was shown by Global Technologies and Entrance Systems and good growth by Asia Pacific, EMEA and Americas

Operating income (EBIT) increased by 2% and amounted to SEK 2,829 M (2,787), corresponding to an operating margin of 15.3% (15.4)

Net income amounted to SEK 1,964 M (1,918)

Earnings per share amounted to SEK 1.77 (1.73)

Operating cash flow amounted to SEK 575 M (824).