Michelle Cline

Pemko Engineering Manager, USA

The challenges at Pemko’s Memphis, Tennessee location change all the time. This means everyone wears a lot of hats, including Michelle Cline, who took on a new role as engineering manager in August 2014.

“A day at Pemko looks different every day. I consider my primary job to support my team, enable them to be successful and provide assistance where possible, so we can stay on track with our various launches of new products and our continuous product development.

There is really no such thing as a true job description here, because we do whatever needs to be done to make things happen – when they need to happen. And we make it fun.

We want to be really innovative so we can be first out to market with some of these new ideas. That’s the goal.

I love the fact that ASSA ABLOY provides us with any training that is necessary and guidance for our professional development. One particular opportunity is to learn about the Lean Innovation Process, where we get together with a cross-functional team and use visual management to drive and track the progress of our projects.

I’m a working mom of three children, which can be very challenging at times, but ASSA ABLOY is very supportive and flexible, allowing me to participate in my children’s activities when I need to.

I really enjoy what I do; it’s very fulfilling and I enjoying seeing a project to completion.”