Giovanna Garosi

Executive Assistant & Internal Communications Manager

Giovanna Garosi looks after and welcomes international visitors to Italy as well as new recruits.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

As an executive assistant and internal communications manager, Giovanna Garosi is the person the ASSA ABLOY management team in Italy turns to for organizational support.

Giovanna likes to travel in her spare time, which is perhaps why the part of her job she most enjoys is being involved with international meetings.

“What I enjoy most is helping to organize meetings, for example for EMEA or the ASSA ABLOY Group, when they choose to hold them in Italy,” Giovanna says. “I book business trips for the management team and take care of the logistics for all overseas managers and guests visiting us. I also look after our corporate agreements with local travel agencies, transport providers and hotels.” 

Her internal communications role involves preparing announcements of new employees. “I also welcome new recruits and help introduce them to the company policies and corporate values and beliefs,” she says.

Giovanna is currently focused on planning the next Product Council. “This internal, web-based meeting takes place in Italy every two months, with representatives from the various departments.”

Giovanna lives in Bologna, Italy After work she enjoys walks in nature, traveling, snorkeling and scuba diving. Her motto is “Be the change you want to see in the world.”