Meet Bevan Rolfe

Toolmaker, New Zealand

Engineering has always been Bevan Rolfe’s passion and his many roles within ASSA ABLOY New Zealand – as a maintenance fitter, toolmaker, machine operator and designer – have always been in line with his interests.

What does a day at work look like for you?

On my way to work I spend my time thinking, problem solving, running different scenarios through my mind and plan my tasks for the day. Then, when I arrive at work, I have a plan. I like to have solutions early on, get them down on paper and discuss them with the team, so they can be proved or tested during the day.

After my daily team meeting I usually do one of three things: prove it, source it, or build it. Always keeping in mind that I need a fast result and that the concept needs to fit in with the overall project.

When did you join ASSA ABLOY?

Before joining ASSA ABLOY, I worked at Interlock Group in Wellington from 1997-2000. I relocated to Auckland and was offered a job at ASSA ABLOY in November 2001.           

What positions have you had in the company?

Engineering has always been my passion so my role has always been in line with my interests. Maintenance fitter, toolmaker, machining, design and now my focus is automation and robotics. Robotics is a relatively new process to New Zealand and the region so I’m looking forward to how far we can push this technology.

When you grew up, what was your dream job?

In my early teens I wanted to work in advertising and design. I was attracted to the creative side of advertising, although little did I know that was my young engineering mind at play. Once I found tool making I soon realised it was a good path to other engineering sectors.

Have you had a key learning experience during your time with ASSA ABLOY?

Over the years I’ve realised if you do a job, do it well. Think ahead, have a plan and do it. Don’t be afraid to discuss crazy ideas with your workmates. The crazy ones produce the best results.

Is there something in your career that would be interesting for students or young professionals to know about?

When I started my apprenticeship, I was like a sponge. I was working with some of the best tradesmen in the business and I’d get frustrated because I didn’t have their knowledge or skills to complete tasks. During this time, failure was an everyday occurrence, and at one point I thought toolmaking wasn’t for me. I now look back and realize that every failure and experience counts, even if it’s not what we expect.

What do you appreciate most about your work?

I really enjoy the problem solving, the success is in the result. Some of the most difficult problems to solve go completely unnoticed once in production or out to the customer. For me it’s nice to see those results quietly working.                   

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