CEO and Executive Team

The Executive Team consists of the CEO, the Heads of the Group’s divisions, the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Technology Officer and the Chief Human Resources Officer.

Divisions - decentralized organization

ASSA ABLOY’s operations are decentralized. Operations are organizationally divided into five divisions: EMEA, Americas, Asia Pacific, Global Technologies and Entrance Systems. The fundamental principle is that the divisions should be responsible, as far as possible, for business operations, while various functions at ASSA ABLOY’s Group Centre are responsible for coordination, monitoring, policies and guidelines at an overall level. Decentralization is a deliberate strategic choice based on the industry’s local nature and a conviction of the benefits of a divisional control model. The Group’s structure results in a geographical and strategic spread of responsibility ensuring short decision-making paths.

ASSA ABLOY’s operating structure is designed to create maximum transparency, to facilitate financial and operational monitoring, and to promote the flow of information and communication across the Group. The five divisions are divided into around 50 business units. These consist in turn of a large number of sales and production units, depending on the structure of the business unit concerned. Apart from monitoring by unit, monitoring of products and markets is also carried out.

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