General Meeting

Shareholders’ rights to decide on the affairs of ASSA ABLOY are exercised at the General Meeting. Shareholders who are registered in the share register on the record date and have duly notified their intent to attend are entitled to take part in the General Meeting, either in person or by proxy. Resolutions at the General Meeting are normally passed by simple majority. For certain matters, however, the Swedish Companies Act prescribes that a proposal should be supported by a higher majority. Individual shareholders who wish to submit a matter for consideration at the General Meeting can send such request to ASSA ABLOY’s Board of Directors at a special address published on the company’s website well before the Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting should be held within six months of the end of the company’s financial year. Matters considered at the Annual General Meeting include: dividend; adoption of the income statement and balance sheet; discharge of the members of the Board of Directors and the CEO from liability; election of members of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board of Directors and the auditor; and determination of remuneration guidelines for senior executives and fees for the Board of Directors and auditor. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be held if the Board of Directors considers this necessary or if ASSA ABLOY’s auditors or shareholders holding at least 10 percent of the shares so request. 

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