Board of Directors' work 2019

The Board of Directors held nine meetings during the year. Regarding attendance please refer to the table on page 49 of the Corporate Governance Report.

At the ordinary board meetings the CEO reported on the Group’s performance and financial position, including the outlook for the coming quarters. Acquisitions and divestments were also discussed to the extent they arose.

More important matters dealt with by the Board of Directors during the year comprised a number of acquisitions, including agta record, LifeSafety Power, Placard, De La Rue’s international identity solutions business, the AM Group and Spence Doors. During the year, the Board of Directors also conducted in-depth reviews of the Group’s operations in the Global Technologies division’s business unit Global Solutions and the EMEA division, and visited the Asia Pacific division’s operations in Guangzhou, China. The Board of Directors’ work is summarized in the timeline on pages 48–49 of the Corporate Governance Report.

An evaluation of the Board of Directors’ work is conducted annually in the form of a web-based survey, which each board member responds to individually. A summary of the results is presented to the Board of Directors. Board members who wish can access the complete results of the evaluation. The Secretary to the Board of Directors presents the complete results of the evaluation to the Nomination Committee.