At the 2020 Annual General Meeting, the registered audit firm Ernst & Young AB (EY) was elected as new auditor for the time period until the end of the Annual General Meeting 2021. In connection with the 2020 Annual General Meeting, EY notified that the authorized public accountant Hamish Mabon would be appointed auditor in charge.In addition to ASSA ABLOY, Hamish Mabon, born 1965, is responsible for auditing Skanska AB, Essity AB, Husqvarna AB and SEB.

The external audit is conducted in accordance with International Standards in Auditing (ISA), and generally accepted auditing standards in Sweden.The audit of the financial statements for legal entities outside Sweden is conducted in accordance with statutory requirements and other applicable rules in each country. 

For information about the fees paid to auditors and other assignments carried out in the Group in the past three financial years, see Annual Report 2019 Note 3 and the Annual Report for 2018, Note 3.

The auditor’s address is Ernst & Young AB, PO Box 7850, 103 99 Stockholm, Sweden.