Policies and guidelines

Significant policies and guidelines in the Group include financial control, communication issues, insider issues, the Group’s brands, sustainability issues, business ethics, data protection and export control. ASSA ABLOY’s financial policy and accounting manual provide the framework for financial control and monitoring.

The Group’s communication policy aims to ensure that information is provided at the right time and in compliance with applicable rules and regulations. ASSA ABLOY has adopted an insider policy to complement applicable insider legislation. This policy applies to individuals in managerial positions at ASSA ABLOY AB (including subsidiaries) as well as certain other categories of employees. Brand guidelines aim to protect and develop the major assets that the Group’s brands represent.

ASSA ABLOY had adopted a Code of Conduct for employees and a separate ASSA ABLOY Code of Conduct for Business Partners. The Codes, which are based on a set of internationally accepted conventions, define the values and guidelines that should apply both within the Group and for ASSA ABLOY’s business partners with regard to matters such as business ethics, human rights and working conditions, as well as the environment, health and safety. Moreover, ASSA ABLOY has adopted policies and guidelines in compliance with competition, export control, anti-corruption and data protection legislation applicable to the Group.