Water consumption

ASSA ABLOY works systematically to cut water consumption to reduce its environmental impact while increasing efficiency and cutting costs.

Performance 2015

ASSA ABLOY works on reducing its water consumption in order to lower environmental impact, increasing operating efficiency and cut operating costs. During 2015, the water intensity decreased by 8.3 percent for comparable units and fixed currencies.

The 20 largest entities in terms of water consumption, located mainly in China and the US, account for more than 70 percent of the Group’s total water consumption. 

In 2015, the Group improved its recirculation of water and the same technology used is expected to be further deployed during the coming years. The Group is working intensively to find more efficient alternatives. 

Activities to improve performance

Efforts to improve water efficiency have focused on facilities with painting or plating operations as these consume the most water.

The Group has been successful in implementing a number of activities to reduce water consumption:

  • Emissions to water are monitored in accordance with local regulations. ASSA ABLOY units that manage chemicals are properly licensed and registered with the local authorities.
  • Technological innovation in the recirculation and reuse of water, which has resulted in a decrease in water intensity during the past years.
  • Furthermore, reduced water consumption in the plating processes also means less water to heat, which in turn saves energy.