ASSA ABLOY has seen amazing growth since its start in 1994. A key element of this rapid expansion has been identifying and building relationships with companies that can contribute to our goals then successfully acquiring and integrating them into the Group.

We plan to continue this strategy to ensure we capture the opportunities presented by new technology and a market that is always growing in response to security challenges.  

This approach means we are not only ahead of our competitors in terms of identifying new customer needs, we have the resources to develop new and innovative solutions, establish standards and educate the market to meet those needs.

In 20 years ASSA ABLOY has acquired more than 200 companies

We take pride in the way we incorporate new acquisitions into the ASSA ABLOY Group. It’s about achieving a balance between the scale and reach of a global firm and retaining the strength of local experience, skill and knowledge. In this way our new companies provide added value to all our customers by contributing to complete solutions that bring safety, security and convenience.

While acquisitions help us to shape the market, they also help shape ASSA ABLOY as a company. Through our efforts to meet new customer needs and explore new opportunities presented by technology, new markets, and above all new people with new ideas, we have developed an extremely empowering culture and a great openness to the companies and people our acquisitions bring into the Group. This is clearly shown in the fact that many of senior managers came into the company through acquisitions.

Some of our key acquisitions

2015 - Expansion in Brazil

ASSA ABLOY expands in Brazil with the acquisitions of Papaiz and Udinese. 

2014 - More than 200 total acquisitions

20 years have passed since the founding of ASSA ABLOY and the company has grown to be 15 times larger than it was in 1994 through a combination of organic growth and over 200 acquisitions.

2011 - Global leader in entrance automation

We strengthen our offering in industrial doors, docking solutions and garage doors with the acquisition of Crawford Entrance Solutions and FlexiForce.

2007 - Going digital

Acquisition of iRevo in South Korea, a major player in digital door locks.

2000 - Twice the size

Acquisition of Yale Intruder Security makes ASSA ABLOY the world’s leading lock company almost overnight. HID in the US adds electronic identification to the offer. 

A more complete list of acquisitions can be found here