Main Entrance

The main entrance to a hotel is a busy place with visitors and their luggage constantly arriving and departing. From the main entrance door, visitors can access the entire hotel facility and therefore should be the first line of protection. Door automation such as sliding or revolving solutions can provide easy access and blend in with the hotel’s design elements.

Guestroom doors and locks

A guest’s sense of security is a hotel’s top priority. Through implementation of an efficient and reliable locking system, hotels can ensure their guests feel safe and comfortable. Next-generation smart card solutions and solutions such as Mobile Keys – an NFC-based solution which allow guests to receive their room key directly to their smart phones – also increase convenience.

In-room safes

A guest should feel comfortable and safe in their hotel room. Security and locking solutions such as electronic in-room safes in the interior of a hotel room must be consistent with the facilities’ aesthetics while performing their most important task: protecting a guest’s valuables.

Energy management systems

Energy management systems in guestrooms that regulate temperature can help the hotel save on their energy costs. By detecting guest presence in the room, energy management systems allow hotels to control and manage air conditioning and heating costs while rooms are unoccupied, monitoring temperature until guests return to their rooms.

Staff and back areas

Physical access solutions such as doors and access control systems provide security to a hotel’s staff and back areas. Logical access solutions using contactless smart card technology can allow staff to access workstations, networks and information. Padlocks on staff lockers to latches on kitchen cupboards in staff rest areas are examples of other solutions for these areas.

Emergency exits

An emergency exit or panic exit device must allow fast and efficient evacuation during emergency circumstances, and but still remain an important part of the building’s primary security by restricting access or ensuring entry at all other times. Intelligent panic exits and devices, for example, protect people and property during emergencies and at all other times.

Marine applications

Applied to cruise ships and other marine vessels, key systems and access control systems make it easier for ship operators to keep exact records of who is on board at any time. All access doors can be linked to a central control system on the ship’s bridge. In case of an emergency, such as fire or the threat of boarding by unauthorized personnel or even pirates, all external doors can be unlocked or locked.

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